The NTAI Data Science and Bioinformatics Training Programs provides students with scientific and informatics training to prepare them to succeed in exciting new careers in data science, bioinformatics, and data-driven innovation.  It gives students essential foundations in biology and chemistry, and hard skills in data science, computer science, bioinformatics, programming and software engineering. 

The NTAI Data Science and Bioinformatics Programs provides students with rock-solid foundations for data science methodology, statistics, analytical thinking and problem solving, programming, machine learning, and data visualization, modeling, and solution engineering.  Students leave prepared to succeed in exciting new careers in data-driven decision making, data analytics, and innovation science.  This program gives students the essential hard skills to apply the scientific method to data problems, collect and prepare data for analysis and visualization, develop data models and algorithms, and use machine learning to solve problems in physical and life sciences, environmental science, engineering, business, marketing, and other fields.  

This program includes Accelerated Learning modules specially designed to give adult learners powerful new learning skills derived from insights and recent advances in learning and brain research.  These new insights and skills are used along with tools that help them master difficult scientific and technical subjects significantly faster than in traditional university settings. 

Python, R, SQL, Perl, and Java programming languages are taught so student learn how to create new tools and systems for data science applications.  The emphasis is on deepest mastery of Python, and then quickly transferring their mastery of concepts and skills to learn other languages with speed and ease.  Students learn how to use many existing tools for data science and bioinformatics, and how to create new applications of their own design.  Students learn how to formulate projects and answer essential questions, and use higher order scientific thinking to solve technical and scientific problems.  They also learn about software engineering teams, their tools, and their ways of working to deliver solutions that address complex challenges.

Program graduates develop the necessary scientific foundations to be able to support life sciences and data science initiatives right away.  With their new knowledge, hard technical skills, plus an understanding of current industry practices, they will be able to contribute to scientific endeavors immediately, and continue to grow professionally to shape the future of human health for decades to come.

Method of Delivery: The method of instruction and delivery includes attending on-site based classes in person or via Cisco WebEx (interactive distance learning) and completing all assignments, tasks and labs.

Individual Discipline Certificate Tracks:  Students may elect to pursue individual programs in one or more of these disciplines that include Data Science, Computer Science, or Big Data.  Upon completing the program students receive a Certificate of Completion in Bioinformatics and Data Science from Network Technology Academy Institute, Inc. 

Data Science Specialist Certificate:  Students may pursue the Data Science discipline track.  Upon completing the program students receive a Certificate of Completion in Data Science from Network Technology Academy Institute, Inc.

Bioinformatics Professional Certificate: Upon completing the program students receive a Certificate of Completion in Data Science and Bioinformatics from Network Technology Academy Institute, Inc.

Big Data Specialist Certificate: Students may pursue the Data Science discipline track.  Upon completing the program students receive a Certificate of Completion in Data Science from Network Technology Academy Institute, Inc.

Software Development Specialist Certificate: Students may pursue the Software Development discipline track.  Upon completing the program students receive a Certificate of Completion in Software Development from Network Technology Academy Institute, Inc.

The NTAI Data Science and Bioinformatics curriculum is delivered by:

Rich Lysakowski, Ph.D., Professor of Bioinformatics, Data Science, and Accelerated Learning

Professor Lysakowski received a doctorate in Physical and Analytical Chemistry with a specialization in laboratory automation and computerization of laboratories from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.   Rich has worked in the biotech, pharmaceutical, chemical, energy, and financial trading industries for 20+ years.  He has had a life-long passion for biology and life sciences since before he completed his undergraduate studies at the Illinois Institute of Technology.  Since 1995, he has consulted on informatics projects and delivered private training to many Fortune 100 companies, including Abbot, Air Products and Chemicals, Biogen, British Petroleum, Dow Chemical, Dow AgroSciences, Genentech, Genzyme, Parke-Davis, PerkinElmer, Pfizer, Novartis, Warner Lambert, and many others.  He has delivered training workshops and professinal education courses to many 1000s of students over the years.  Subjects include basic science, data analytics, machine learning, chemical informatics and bioinformatics, lab automation, electronics for scientists, computer programming, IT strategy, project management, software engineering, and scientific software support.  Events and training venues include invited lectures and courses at many universities, professional associations, industry conferences, including the American Chemical Society (ACS), BioIT World, Cambridge HealthTech Institute (CHI), the Pittsburgh Conference and Exhibition (Pittcon), The Society for American Archivists (SAA), The Archivists and Records Managers Association (ARMA), and many others.    For private on-site training, please contact directly at or or 781-640-2048.



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