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Network Technology Academy's Mission: Relevance

Network Technology Academy Institute enables individuals to acquire the technical knowledge and skills necessary to become ‘relevant’ and successful in this ever-changing technological world.

Network Technology Academy institute is focused on bringing cutting edge technology in networking, virtualization, and security to the local community.

NTAi was founded in 2003 as a 501c3, and for the past 13 years has served the unemployed and underemployed. With the leadership of Axell Emmanuel the academy has built relationships with Microsoft, Cisco, EMC, VMware, Palo Alto Security, and more. We’ve been able to take these partnerships and create programs that take new IT professionals from the bottom to the top of their careers in 1 to 5 years. 

Over the past five years we’ve been able to help three students earn their Cisco CCIE credentials. To give you some context— during a Cisco Live US -2013 Presentation Cisco reported there were approximately 38,005 CCIEs on the planet. Our mission is to help more people reach and possibly exceed the CCIE level. We want them to qualify for high paying work, while having the freedom to shape their own destinies.

We help people, in diverse circumstance, grow their IT experience as quickly as possible.

Founder Axell Emmanuel, the “Cisco Guru,” and a team of over 16 industry experts skilled in technologies such as Cisco, Microsoft, VMWare, EMC, Security, Palo Alto Networks, Citrix, Firewalls and IT Defense Compliance.

Network Technology Academy Training Institute helps you to

Increase Your Knowledge
Get Hands-on Experience
Obtain your industry certifications
Build a competitive advantage
Bolster your confidence
Find a high demand job, no matter what the economy is doing

There is a great need to reduce our nation’s unemployment and underemployment. However, there is an even greater need to train our youth for skilled jobs.

Right now, there is a significant gap between the number of certified Network and System Engineers on the planet and the number of high level jobs currently available in the market. We have a passion for nurturing top level IT professionals. As more people get online, and more of our lives become connected we will see an increased demand for skilled professionals who can confidently navigate the networking world. 

Training the next generation of engineers will close the gap between qualified candidates and available jobs, reduce unemployment and help our community be prepared for the future: a WIN-WIN-WIN!

We win because we have an opportunity to share the experiences gathered over the past 10 years.
The student wins because they become part of a larger community and develop skills that are relevant to their daily lives

Employers win because they get access to qualified professionals who have been working with real equipment, on real problem. Our students are not limited to just book smarts.
The community wins because individuals with jobs contribute to the well being of society, are able to take care of their families, and set a positive example for the youth who will be entering the workforce in the near future.

NTAi has over 10 years of experience training IT professionals. We focus on helping our students become highly competent, and confident at what they do.

Students are able to make consistent progress each week because we try to give everyone the appropriate amount of attention and resources to get the job done.

Here is a list of how we help our students

You get access to a dean that is recognized by the Cisco Networking Academy as an Expert Level Instructor who personally assesses each student’s aptitude for the course PRIOR to beginning

 There is a fully integrated curriculum to take the student from zero to CCNP
We include certification as a key component of both the curriculum and tuition
NTAi provides an academic mentor to each student to ensure success, and a personal advisor to help manage life events that might interfere with academics
Students get access to real equipment onsite and remotely
Hands on experience is the focus and we take an active role in taking you beyond just reading the book.